I love Twitter. Its my daily newspaper. Although I am a weekend subscriber to the NY Times and won’t give up that good ‘ole fashion newspaper read, I love the instant electronic info source of Twitter. I find everything on

Even on a cloudy day, there is sunlight. When your evening seems like its the darkest you’ve seen in years, don’t forget for a single moment, the sun will rise and so will you. I had an incredible week. So

Its been a while since I’ve written. Much has happened. My “new normal” took a greater meaning. One I was not prepared for. Who ever is prepared for the sudden loss of loved one? A parent. A young cousin. A

Twenty years ago I landed my dream job fresh out of college at Jaguar Land Rover North America. Ten years ago I gave it up to take on the toughest job in the world…mom. Now, ten years later I am

Somewhere My Love Somewhere, my love, there will be songs to sing Although the snow covers the hope of spring. Somewhere a hill blossoms in green and gold And there are dreams All that your heart can hold. Someday we’ll

I am overwhelmed by the incredible outpour of support and beautiful words of encouragement I have received in the last 2 days.  My blog post has had record hits/visits. Facebook comments, private messages, texts, emails…. The words “thank you” are

Today I literally closed the door to a place I once called home.  “The Marital Home” as our attorneys call it, is sold. My soon to be ex-husband once said, “when are you going to figure out no one gives

Its our everything…..its healthy living, its what makes you get up in the morning, its what pushes you….its what allows you to do good, to feel, to care, to grow, to want, to share, to give….Its kindness, Its friendship, Its